Data Sources

  • Provided option to enable/disable query preparation, query execution and data processing metrics in debug files and API response. Data Post-processing time 
  • 1.5x performance improved for virtual scrolling and TOP N filtering in Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle data sources.
  • Provided incremental refresh support for the YouScan connector.


  • Added support for displaying pivot cell values as percentages.
  • Added an option to toggle the visibility of the ‘All’ option in the list box.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue with individual color customization in Bing Maps.
  • Fixed a chart rendering issue that occurred when null values were present in rows.
  • Fixed an issue with Grid Exporting when the grid was configured with empty summary rows.
  • Resolved a Text Widget performance issue that occurred when ‘Fit to Auto Font Size’ was enabled.
  • Restricted the binding of Numeric Fields to the Range Navigator’s Argument section.
  • Fixed an issue where the combine widget icon overlapped when configuring the combine widget in a single row.
  • Fixed a combine widget maximize issue in mobile mode.


  • Fixed the issue where the data cache refresh message was not displayed for some users in the dashboard view.
  • Resolved the problem where the Listener widget selection was not retained while adjusting widgets inside the tabbed widget.
  • Fixed the problem where filter information was not properly retained in Views for specific use cases.
  • Resolved the issue where duplicate fields were listed in the Select Column dropdown in view data for the Embedding dashboard.
  • Resolved the problem of multiple filter conditions not being added during the filter action with multiple widgets.
  • Fixed the issue of using the Dashboard Parameter with special characters in the URL filter.
  • Resolved the problem where the image and PDF options were not displayed in the view underlying data for mobile mode.
  • Fixed the problem of not preserving the date format while exporting Excel data with date values.
  • Fixed the problem where the Select All dashboard checkbox was not properly preserved in the upload dashboard for uploading more dashboards.
  • Fixed the issue where the uploaded file count displayed the wrong count in specific cases.
  • Resolved the problem where the Dark Theme was not applied to the Reload User and Group List Icon in the Embedding dashboard.
  • Fixed the problem where widgets were not reorganized after changing the layout option in the pinboard.