What is CXiaaS?

Customer Experience Intelligence as a Service (CXiaaS) is a scalable & agile platform that delivers real-time Contact Centre data analytics directly to your desktop in powerful, fully customisable dashboards via a web-based interface.

Accessing CXiaaS

The CXiaaS platform can be accessed via any web browser. As part of our customer onboarding process your Contact Centre Manager will have provided us with a list of Suppervisors, Team Leaders and Agents whom they wish to have access to the product.  You will have received an email with a URL unique to your organisation and a default password.  The URL will take you to your companys login landing page.  You will login with your company email address and the default password provided. You will be prompted to change this password on your first login and it is important that you complete this step. 

When you first login

Role-based permissions are enabled within the platform and your Contact Centre Manager will have decided which user group you are added to based on your role.  Roles-based permissions are divided into three main categories.

1. Admin

An all access admin role that allows the user to perform administration tasks within the platform.

2. Power Users

A limited admin role that grants access to OOTB dashboards and gives the user the ability to create new dashboards/categories.

3. Read Only Users

Provides the user with read-only access to your organisations customised dashboards only. 


The product comes with a set of out-of-the-box dashboards presented in a menu that the user will see when they first login. They are designed to facilitate useful views of you data as soon as you login. You will however find that your specific needs will differ, so think of them as a useful box of templates that will kick-start your journey to producing professional looking daskboards and reports to meet the needs specific to your organisation.

The out-of-the box dashboard sets includes the following dashboards and metrics: - 


The data in the real-time dashboard is updated approximately every 7-seconds and displays the following operational metric data: -

  • Agents interacting table (interacting, available, after call work etc)
  • Total number of calls in queue including the longest wait time
  • Total number of emails in queue including the longest wait time
  • Total number of callbacks in queue inlcuding longest wait time
  • Sentiment analysis trend over the last 6-months
  • Average Speed to Answer (ASA) for both voice and email
  • How the contact centre is performing against SLA’s
  • Offered vs Abandoned

Queue Historical

The CC Queue Historical dashboard delivers detailed historical data so that you can start to look at trends over time by applying queue and date filters.  The following metrics are displayed on this dashboard: - 

  • Average Talk Time (ATT)
  • Average Speed to Answer (ASA) 
  • Average Queue Wait Time
  • Media Type Breakout by Hour.
  • Direction Breakout by Hour
  • Queue Breakout Table with column filters
  • Abandoned 
  • Flow-out
  • Voicemail
  • Top 5 Queues by Volume
  • Overall SLA


Agent Overview

The agent overview dashboard delivers daily agent-based metrics allowing you to look at any agent based metrics by agent by date including: -

  • Total Number of Calls Handled.
  • Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Average Talk Time (ATT)
  • Average After-call Work (ACW)
  • Total Number of Evaluations
  • Average Sentiment
  • Logged in Queue/Logged off Queue.
  • Media Break Out by Day
  • Sentiment - Voice
  • Sentiment Detail Table


The evaluations dashboard provides a powerful overview of all evaluations performed allowing you to drill down with date, queue, evaluator and agent filters. Additionally, detailes can be shown on specific interactions by clicking on the Conversation ID found within the Evaluations Table.

In addition the below dashboard provides:

  • Monthly Breakout of Results
  • Average Score
  • Number of Evaluations filtered
  • 5 Best Performing Employees
  • 5 Least Performing Employees
  • Agent Score Table
  • Evaluations Table

Evaluations – Detailed

Clicking on a Coversation ID in the above Evaluations table invokes the following dashboard specific to the Conversation selected. It contains:

  • Confirmation of boith Conversation ID and Evaluation ID being displayed in red 
  • Evaluation Score
  • Maximum Sentiment Score
  • Call Sentiment Phrases identified
  • Question Details with individual score and comment
  • Question Group score heatmap graph
  • Any comments that were left by the evaluator

Voice Analysis

This dashboard can be filtered by date, Queue and Manager. It provides overarching view of Avoice Analysis data proved by Genesys. The dashboard provides:

  • Queue table with additional column filtering
  • Sentiment Trend
  • Coversation Volume trend analysis
  • Top Ten Topic Clount
  • Top Ten Agents - Sentiment
  • Interaction count
  • Average Sentiment
  • Average OverTalk
  • Recent Phrase Table

 On this dashboard we have utilised the description field within each widget - by hovering over the info symbol  you can easily view further information about the content of the respective widget.